Fresh off a 7 hour flight with the accompanying excitement and bedhead to go with it, a young, 6’5” suburban Indian man sets foot in Europe; London, England to be exact. London was the first and last stop in an adventure across Europe that would span across 18 days and 8 different countries. Rather than make a separate post for each day of the trip, I’ve split it up into 8 posts, one per country, all of which will be chronological except for this one since I started and ended in London. Some of these posts will have great detail and others will just have a few sentences accompanying the photoset. Not too many photos in London unfortunately as I only spent my first and last day there. London Eye was a fun ride. I also went to Windsor Castle which unfortunately doesn’t allow photography inside the castle so the few photos you see are just the outside. If you’re ever in England I absolutely recommend you visit the castle. Amazing paintings, furniture, weapons; pages of your high school history books right before your eyes.

Photos include: London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle.