The above photo has absolutely no correlation to this post, I just really like it. Taken during my time in the Netherlands this summer. Weeks later I’m now settled back in at Rutgers University and figured it was time again for a little update in regards to the brand. The Fall/Winter ’13 collection is slowly coming together with 2 new long-sleeve tees, a pullover, and possibly some tees. Also in the works are new hats which I mentioned in the last post. In an effort to make space for the upcoming collection, all tanks are marked down to $15 as well as some select tees; head on over to the online shop to check it out! In other news, the family is growing folks, orders coming in from all corners of the world and lots of love coming in keeping us moving forward. Expect some nice surprises in the next few weeks, if the Spring/Summer ’13 collection was any indicator, we’re continuing to step up the amount of funk we flood the family with.