It happens every year. No matter how much I try to avoid it, the winter seasonal lull always seems to hit me. Weeks of relative inactivity with the occasional break from the cycle when the realization hits that a mandatory class is about to start or  4 exams spread between 3 days are coming up or fire safety is coming through for a quick inspection. Little breaks and then right back into the bed and blanket until spring rejuvenation comes along. I found some power to work on the Winter 2013 collection here and there and have finalized most of the line. 2 long sleeves tees, and a few different hoodie styles as well. Beanies are also in the works but will likely won’t be completed until a later date. This release like all of my Fall/Winter ones will be a small range with limited quantities. The collection will release December 21st and will be available through the online shop as always. Also if you’d like to snag a few shirts from the Summer range everything will be on sale for $10 during the Black Friday weekend sale, check out details on the sale here.Oars Winter Collection