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Typical Winter Lull

Posted on November 26, 2013

It happens every year. No matter how much I try to avoid it, the winter seasonal lull always seems to hit me. Weeks of relative inactivity with the occasional break from the cycle when the realization hits that a mandatory class is about to start or  4 exams spread between 3 days are coming up or fire safety is coming through for a quick inspection. Little breaks and then right back into the bed and blanket until spring rejuvenation comes along. I found some power to work on the Winter 2013 collection here and there and have finalized most of the line. 2 long sleeves tees, and a few different hoodie styles as well. Beanies are also in the works but will likely won’t…

Late Summer Updates

Posted on August 21, 2013

From time to time life steps in the shifts all focus from the brand to backyard BBQ’s, daily pool time, Catan conquests, Brooklyn adventures, and general adventures outside of the house. Unfortunately for those of you awaiting Life Apparel updates, and I do hope there are none of you forgoing time spent outdoors for checking the website in hopes for news, these distractions come all too often and I’m all too willing to accept them. Anyway, once in a blue moon I remember I have a company to run and updates to share with the Life Apparel family. So here we go:

2013-08-02 16.55Despite the lack of posted updates, a ton of work is getting done behind the scenes in between my excursions and little by little a winter collection is being put together. A small collection to follow up the large summer drop, the winter collection will feature some new hoodies, a long sleeve, and some new headwear. I’ve been working on more snapbacks, bucket hats, and also I’ll be introducing new 5-panels to the range next season. Aside from working on the collection I’m really glad to say the family has been expanding as well. With many orders coming in from the United Kingdom, new artists hopping on board supporting the brand, and new friends (and big businesses) taking interest in the brand, the Life Apparel family is always growing! Apologies if you were hoping I’d have some previews to offer up but those will come soon as well. In the meantime if you’re heading back to school and would like to pick up a shirt or two head over to the online shop or if you’re in and around the Lawrence area feel free to hit me up! Stay tuned for more projects I’ve been working on that will be posted soon!

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Snapbacks & Bucket Hats!

Posted on July 10, 2013

Over the last few years we’ve hit some pretty big milestones here at Life Apparel. From garnering over 1000 fans to gaining some recognition by famous artists and musicians, we’ve made quite a bit of progress from what started off at a few tees designed by high school freshmen. Today we add another milestone to the collection with our first ever hat release! Hats have been something I’ve been trying to put our for about 2 years now but for timing, monetary, or other issues it’s gotten pushed back again and again. Without further delay, I proudly present the first installment of Life Apparel headwear! 2 styles of snapbacks, each available in black and white as well as a small run of bucket hats. The snapbacks feature the Life circle logo embroidered on the front with contrasting flamingo or floral print brims. Bucket hats feature a printed logo on the front with the same flamingo and floral print all over that hat. Flamingo and floral print folks, what more could you possibly want?

Solely based off the response I’ve gotten on the few previews I posted earlier this week, the hats are pretty popular! Unfortunately this first batch has already sold out through close friends and family so there won’t be any stocked online. Due to the awesome response so far, I’ll be ordering a much larger batch of hats at the end of the month! The new hats will be the same styles with a few minor improvements here and there. If you know you’d like a snapback and would like to ensure you get one once they arrive, feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@nik_lathia) or Facebook and I’ll put your name down for one! (If not they’ll make their way onto the online store where they’ll be first come first serve) Snapbacks will be $30 available in the 4 variations shown above. There may be some more bucket hats in the future but that’s uncertain. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the hats (or the latest line!) so if you have some time drop a comment or shoot me a message and let me know what you think!

*Also, to anyone that would like a shirt or plans on ordering one from the shop, I leave for Europe this Saturday and will not be back until August 1st. All orders received before Friday will be out prior to my departure and any orders placed after Saturday will ship August 2nd!

Vibes All Summer

Posted on May 20, 2013

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Summer is in full force folks, to make up for the lack of content on the site this last year I’ll be posting all kinds of visual vibes often.

The Life Apparel Summer 2013 Collection drops June 14th. As the date gets closer and closer I’ll be unveiling some new designs and posting some words regarding the collection.

A few tees from the collection are already available on the site, stock up on the funk here!

Good Vibes Worldwide.

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