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Back to Work

Posted on September 12, 2013


The above photo has absolutely no correlation to this post, I just really like it. Taken during my time in the Netherlands this summer. Weeks later I’m now settled back in at Rutgers University and figured it was time again for a little update in regards to the brand. The Fall/Winter ’13 collection is slowly coming together with 2 new long-sleeve tees, a pullover, and possibly some tees. Also in the works are new hats which I mentioned in the last post. In an effort to make space for the upcoming collection, all tanks are marked down to $15 as well as some select tees; head on over to the online shop to check it out! In other news, the family is growing folks, orders coming in from all corners of the world and lots of love coming in keeping us moving forward. Expect some nice surprises in the next few weeks, if the Spring/Summer ’13 collection was any indicator, we’re continuing to step up the amount of funk we flood the family with.



Late Summer Updates

Posted on August 21, 2013

From time to time life steps in the shifts all focus from the brand to backyard BBQ’s, daily pool time, Catan conquests, Brooklyn adventures, and general adventures outside of the house. Unfortunately for those of you awaiting Life Apparel updates, and I do hope there are none of you forgoing time spent outdoors for checking the website in hopes for news, these distractions come all too often and I’m all too willing to accept them. Anyway, once in a blue moon I remember I have a company to run and updates to share with the Life Apparel family. So here we go:

2013-08-02 16.55Despite the lack of posted updates, a ton of work is getting done behind the scenes in between my excursions and little by little a winter collection is being put together. A small collection to follow up the large summer drop, the winter collection will feature some new hoodies, a long sleeve, and some new headwear. I’ve been working on more snapbacks, bucket hats, and also I’ll be introducing new 5-panels to the range next season. Aside from working on the collection I’m really glad to say the family has been expanding as well. With many orders coming in from the United Kingdom, new artists hopping on board supporting the brand, and new friends (and big businesses) taking interest in the brand, the Life Apparel family is always growing! Apologies if you were hoping I’d have some previews to offer up but those will come soon as well. In the meantime if you’re heading back to school and would like to pick up a shirt or two head over to the online shop or if you’re in and around the Lawrence area feel free to hit me up! Stay tuned for more projects I’ve been working on that will be posted soon!

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Random Explanatory Post

Posted on July 19, 2012

Hope you all are enjoy the summer season! I know a lot of you are probably wondering, “where the hell are all the new designs?!”, well folks, all I can say is be patient. I won’t be releasing anything new for another month or so but am still at work on some new products.  A new line brewing and its shaping up to be the funkiest collection of tees and goods that I’ve put together to date. I won’t be disclosing too many details on it but check out my twitter/instagram once in a while to spot some upcoming previews. And to all my fellow recent high-school grads if you’re looking to snag a few tees before college either hit me up or check out…

Good Vibes on the Horizon

Posted on February 19, 2012

Whatsup everybody! I know I’m not doing too great of a job keeping the site up-to-date but bear with me as these Spring/Summer updates come one by one. There’s a lot of new projects being wrapped up every day and even more new ones coming up. But before I can get into all of the things that are on the way, let me take a moment and share the last few Life Apparel adventures with everybody. Boarding, finding new spots to board, exploring thrift stores; all the typical madness you’d expect from the Life Apparel crew along with a few dudes who seem to be lost. Now those of you who’ve been checking up on the website for new posts since last month are probably…

Random Notes

Posted on January 31, 2012

Hope everybody’s enjoying themselves now that midterms are over. I just realized I haven’t updated the website since the beginning of the year so here’s some notes on what I’ve been up to.To start, let me just direct your attention to the crazy sale going on. Most of the tees are on sale for $10-15 and more are being added as my Facebook gets bombarded with “likes”. There’s a few leftover pullovers on sale as well so grab one of those before they’re all bought up, there’s only about 2-3 per style. Now onward to some actual news… That my friends, is a longboard. A longboard that I am proud to say I helped forge. Made of the finest plies of wood, shaped in…