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Musconetcong Adventures

Posted on June 27, 2013


Endless Summer

Posted on June 14, 2013

Cover Photo11The culmination of hours of late night movie watching, local expeditions, dozens of pencil and paper sketches, and the desire to put out the best line I could is what birthed the Summer 2013 collection. A small collection of tees, tanks, and hats (coming real soon!), the Summer line is the largest release I’ve done to date and one that I can say was the most fun putting together from start to finish. From staying up well into the early hours of the morning working on designs to hand packaging every single one of the 300 tees by hand, we’ve kept up the do-it-yourself mentality that everyone’s come to love about the brand. We’ve come a long way since the start back in 2009 and if this line is any indication of where we’re headed, I’d say you can expect a lot more from the Life Apparel family in the future. The collection includes 4 new tees, 2 new tanks, and a restock of the classic “Flynn” tee, all available now over at the online shop! Thank you to everyone that helped me along the road to put this together and to all the Life Apparel Family for keeping up with the brand and giving us reason to put these collections together.

Summer 2013 Lookbook

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If you live in the Lawrenceville area, come by Rosedale Park this Saturday, June 15th from 1-5 pm for our first ever Life Apparel BBQ! We’ll be grilling up some goodness, nonsensing around, and all the new shirts from the summer collection will be available if you’d like to pick them up in person! If you come by, try and bring a contribution to the BBQ so we don’t run out of food! Hope to see the family in full force!

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Orange Soda

Posted on June 6, 2013

Following his good friend Chance the Rapper’s debut with “Acid Rap”, Vic Mensa hits us with “Orange Soda” off his upcoming mixtape INNANETAPE. I’m a huge fan of the song and am looking forward to the full tape. Also, he digs Life Apparel so I had to show some love! Check him out wearing the Spread Good Vibes tee at Webster Hall!